• Everything You Need to Know About Beards

    Everything You Need to Know About Beards

    Beards have served as a sign of manliness since the beginning of time, but there’s a lot more to the history of beards than you might think.

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  • A Flowchart to Determine Where You Should Pee

    A Flowchart to Determine Where You Should Pee

    With all the decisions we have to make in our daily life, sometimes the simplest decisions are the most difficult. Many people have a hard time determining where they should pee, and if you’re one of those people then we have the perfect flowchart for you. Here’s a flowchart to determine...

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  • 25 Funny Driver's License Photos

    25 Funny Driver’s License Photos

    We’ve all dreamed of making a funny face or fudging some information on our driver’s license  have a funny driver’s license photo, but most of the time the DMV catches us and keeps us from entertaining everyone for the rest of our lives. Luckily, some people have managed to get away...

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  • Pretty Disney Princess Guy
  • Crabs Love Tampons

    Crabs Love Tampons

    This is a commercial that’s either advertising crabs, tampons, or recycling. I’m not really sure which one. Nonetheless, it features a talking crab building a highrise condo out of tampon applicators, so it’s got that going for it. The crab seems to have it together, too. Not only can...

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  • Noooooooooo
  • Girls DiCaprio Has Hooked Up With

    Girls DiCaprio Has Hooked Up With

    In our continuing series taking a look at some of most legendary ladies men, today we will discuss the alleged sexual history of Leonardo DiCaprio. The man who was once in charge of “The Pussy Posse.” Derek Jeter’s sexual history is impressive, Wilder Valderrama’s is mind-boggling, but neither...

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  • 20 Awesome Pools

    20 Awesome Pools

    It’s almost summer, which means it’s time to bust out your swim suit, get into shape, and find an awesome pool to lay in for the next three months. These 20 awesome pools to get you in the mood for some serious swimming. WARNING: looking at these incredible pools will make you hate whatever...

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  • The Most Awesome Dinosaur Picture Ever
  • This Kid Could Kick Your Butt

    This Kid Could Kick Your Butt

    We’ve all seen awesome karate kids in the past, but this kid is a martial arts force to be reckoned with. Check out his amazing bo staff skills. Whether you’re into karate or not, one thing is for sure: this kid could kick your butt. In fact, he could probably kick Chuck Norris’s butt,...

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