10 Hilarious Cat Facial Expressions That Prove They’re Human Inside

    July 27, 2016 at 11:27 am

    Cats are probably the most serious and gentle pets you can have. They are not as playful as a dog, nor as sweet, yet they give you reactions that will either make you run for your life or laugh your heart out.

    Seriously. Check out these photos showing cats’ many different facial expressions. They’re bound to remind you of humans–like yourself! Sometimes it’s hard to believe how expressive their tiny, furry faces are and you just won’t help but notice (and laugh) at their grumpy, surprised, dubious, helpless, goofy, angry, “oh no you didn’t” and “what do you think you’re doing” faces, among others!

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    funny_cat_face adorable-grumpy-cat-funny-face-pic

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