20 Adorable Sleeping Cats Without A Single Care In The World

    July 25, 2016 at 12:44 am

    If you haven’t already noticed, we seriously love animals over here–especially cats and dogs! And today we’re featuring the feisty, furry kitties that have special places in our hearts.

    What we (and millions of other cat parents) love about these babies is that they’re incredibly mysterious and sometimes, even scary. Other times, they can be way too adorable and funny without even trying!  Below are just some photographic proof of what we’re talking about.

    Remember how cats sleep at night because they’re nocturnal? Check out these ones caught dead asleep during the day in all sorts of unimaginable ways and places. Meow!

    13669105_1050452611670461_7269952238059811296_n 13872845_1050452488337140_5771501673510787459_n 13873134_1050452455003810_6328789875280058844_n 13876193_1050452795003776_395984706426344033_n 13876326_1050452501670472_3578029862149633005_n 13879211_1050452658337123_1525127983874704070_n 13882359_1050452615003794_561387884322232475_n 13882448_1050452595003796_5857335758180337910_n 13886493_1050452555003800_2435692426936566312_n 13886991_1050452548337134_2453900442695774331_n 13892189_1050452691670453_2068889869709626773_n 13895160_1050452498337139_5769364943302906231_n 13900296_1050452448337144_8123017473913802796_n 13901378_1050452678337121_8731814072416180623_n 13906961_1050452745003781_8078654270752328915_n 13906992_1050452775003778_9070776096510940221_n 13920980_1050452755003780_2675716653075151420_n 13932912_1050452811670441_2621468274806796160_n 13939471_1050452725003783_5843900028378941812_n

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