18 Ridiculously Handsome Criminal Mug Shots

    July 13, 2016 at 10:29 am

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    Gone were the days when criminals did actually have that certain look that can creep you out and make your skin crawl, enough for their mug shots to scream “Wanted!” Now, it’s difficult to tell if someone is an ill-doer–especially if he looks like the guy next door, the local high school Prom King, or a commercial model!

    Just check out these confusing mug shots of surprisingly very handsome criminals. No homo, but if I looked like any of these guys, I’ll bet it would also be somewhat easy for me to be mistaken for a good guy enough to easily commit a crime! Like they say, don’t judge the book by its cover.

    13062488_901725569956716_3731561284896189827_n 13606921_901725496623390_3742621829349654283_n 13615266_901725313290075_7005558344873088595_n 13619797_901725553290051_8838222459096653849_n 13645103_901725426623397_4099175558373048663_n 13654240_901725343290072_5231926610522298085_n 13658923_901725279956745_2880578519727983604_n 13659198_901725443290062_4238692222201361962_n 13659220_901725489956724_8769158715292848925_n 13680610_901725596623380_692690588271381179_n 13680760_901725396623400_9009527338457706665_n 13686740_901725366623403_4621040666015488327_n 13686749_901725246623415_3205208659120871016_n 13686772_901725456623394_8535060971916561366_n 13775587_901725533290053_1390148178189064891_n 13781683_901725333290073_5245737993112404401_n 13781831_901725373290069_489111641376247986_n 13782076_901725523290054_1770707239095311424_n

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