7 Funny Comics Showing How Relationships Change Overtime

    May 4, 2016 at 11:03 am

    Relationships are never the same. We’re talking about how they’re unique to every couple, and at the same time ever changing as you go from that “honeymoon” phase to being super comfortable with each other. And by comfortable, we mean showing almost a completely different side of ourselves to our partners.

    By all means, check out and enjoy the following comic strips that shows several ways that most of our relationships change, sometimes after only a couple of months to many years later. You’ll surely have a good laugh and relate with some of them! Aside from that, we’re sure you’ll feel a little more appreciative of the crazy love that you have with your partner.

    1. Communication


    2. Cuddling


    3. Dining


    4. Feelings


    5. Honesty


    6. Intimacy


    7. Prepping for a date


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