10 Photos Of Most Adorable Twins On Instagram Will Start Your Day Right

    March 7, 2016 at 3:16 pm

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    I believe we all need a good dose of laughter and feel good vibes every day. Heck, it’s my secret to a long, productive and happy life! And because we all deserve to kickstart our days with happiness and smiles, we present to you the cutest twins in the South Eastern hemisphere–Leia & Lauren! Together, these “Michelin babies” become viral on Instagram, and it’s obvious why. It’s not just their super adorable outfits, for sure… It’s the chubbiness, not to mention those tiny eyes that just add to their overall cuteness factor!

    Go ahead and enjoy their photos below, as they’re sure to leave a huge smile on your face. There are definitely more where these came from too, on their Instagram account, LeiaLauren.

    12825952_788151327957962_905155218_n 12509242_1010108689052047_9052175348213565770_n 12509020_1010108685718714_5973177684379997437_n 12508893_1010108539052062_1153723235561556070_n 12508893_1010108445718738_1248318600887814015_n 12439130_1010109205718662_6908400038572009446_n 12438983_1010108619052054_6902143741024609889_n 1918632_1010108455718737_3388262626584065552_n 1916321_1010108449052071_3292577056516180113_n 993864_1010108475718735_8139670171666053067_n

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