9 Realistic Illustrations Showing Life Before And After Getting A Dog

    February 1, 2016 at 12:54 pm

    They say getting a dog is a lot like having kids. Sometimes, even worse. Golden Retriever owner John creatively illustrates just how anyone’s life could change not long after deciding to welcome a dog into your warm (and organized) home. Say goodbye to working cords, clean cars, spotless floors and, basically, freedom that you have treasured for so long.

    Then again, like most dog owners, you wouldn’t have it any other way, because it’s allĀ worth it. Take a look at some before and after photos below and have a good laugh!life-before-dog-vs-life-after-dog-mai-john__880 life-before-dog-vs-life-after-dog-mai-john-11__880 life-before-dog-vs-life-after-dog-mai-john-12__880 life-before-dog-vs-life-after-dog-mai-john-14__880 life-before-dog-vs-life-after-dog-mai-john-15__880 life-before-dog-vs-life-after-dog-mai-john-16__880 life-before-dog-vs-life-after-dog-mai-john-17__880 life-before-dog-vs-life-after-dog-mai-john-19__880 life-before-dog-vs-life-after-dog-mai-john-111__880

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