New Years: By The Numbers

    December 30, 2015 at 6:00 pm

    With literally just a few hours away before we finally ring in a brand new year, here we are, remembering that there are some things that don’t really change—not even after a whole year. There are celebrations, money is spent, people gather to watch the big ball drop, and billions of people around the world kiss just as Cinderella decides to rush home (and almost trip on the way).

    Below is an interesting infographic about New Years, to give you an idea about the bigger picture just seconds before and after December 31st every year, around the world. Find out just how much confetti are dropped on crowds of people, how many glasses are being filled up with sparkling wine, what’s happening around the world and many other cool facts during the most celebrated stroke of midnight. They are estimates, of course, but it’s fun imagining just how much is happening at the same hour around the world!

    new year

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