10 Real People Behind Your Favorite Internet Memes

    December 28, 2015 at 9:57 am

    Internet memes are everywhere. We laugh at the very fitting captions and the funny, almost self-descriptive photos of people that we’ve gotten familiar with during our web surfing sessions. What we often forget is that they’re real, regular people that lead very different lives compared to their meme personalities. It’s funny how each of them became famous, too!

    Behold, below are 10 memes that we’re sure you’ve seen a couple of times before, with their real names and descriptions. During lax holidays like these, you may want to take the time to Google each of them and find out the stories behind their viral photos. They’re actually pretty funny and interesting!

    1. Baby Godfather, son of Redditor Timekeepsgoing

    baby godfather - redditor timekeepsgoing

    2. Bad Luck Brian, real name Kyle Craven

    bad luck brian - kyle craven

    3. Disaster Girl, real name Zoe Roth

    disaster girl-zoe roth

    4. Ermahgerd meme, real name Maggie Goldenberger

    ermahgerd-maggie goldenberger

    5. First World Problems meme, real name Silvia Bottini

    first world problems - silvia bottini

    6. College Freshman, real name Griffin Kiritsy

    griffin kiritsy college freshman

    7. Senior College Student, real name Nola Ochs (oldest college graduate)

    nola ochs, oldest college graduate

    8. Overly-Attached Girlfriend, real name Laina Morris

    overly attached girlfriend - laina morris

    9. Scumbag Steve, real name Blake Boston

    scumbag steve - blake boston

    10. Success Kid, real name Sam Griner

    success kid - sam griner

    redditor timekeepsgoing

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