8 People Were Told They Were Beautiful: See Their Reactions! [VIDEO]

    November 23, 2015 at 12:01 pm

    “There’s so much beauty in the world. If you blink, you’ll miss it.”

    Eighteen-year-old student Shea Glover shares her project, in which she takes pictures and videos of “things I find beautiful.” As you can imagine, unsuspecting people who go in front of her camera were soon beaming and smiling, if not unbelieving. Frowns were turned into sheepish smiles and blushing cheeks. It definitely sends a powerful message!

    Glover writes in the description of her YouTube video, “I conducted an independent project which evidently turned into a social experiment regarding beauty. I want to clarify that my intentions were not to get a reaction out of people. I was simply filming beauty and this is the result.”

    Check out the photos below and make sure to watch the full-length video at the bottom! It will make your day.









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