13 Glitter Beards To Make You Feel Festive In Time For The Holidays

    November 18, 2015 at 11:06 am

    You may have heard that glitter beards are a thing now (seriously). Well, we admit we have failed to accept it to this day, but we can’t help but gush about how nice they can be to look at. Yes, if we can restrict our viewing of this phenomenon to our phone and laptop screens, we’d be fine about this fad. Besides, the ones below look incredibly festive, they’re making us more excited about putting up our own Christmas lights. Ha-ha! Go ahead and check out these men who took the time and dumped an entire pack of glitter on their beards just in time for the holidays. Ho ho ho!

    these-glitter-beards-are-sure-get-you-festive-spirit-1 these-glitter-beards-are-sure-get-you-festive-spirit-2 these-glitter-beards-are-sure-get-you-festive-spirit-3 these-glitter-beards-are-sure-get-you-festive-spirit-4 these-glitter-beards-are-sure-get-you-festive-spirit-5 these-glitter-beards-are-sure-get-you-festive-spirit-6 these-glitter-beards-are-sure-get-you-festive-spirit-7 these-glitter-beards-are-sure-get-you-festive-spirit-8 these-glitter-beards-are-sure-get-you-festive-spirit-9 these-glitter-beards-are-sure-get-you-festive-spirit-11 these-glitter-beards-are-sure-get-you-festive-spirit-12 these-glitter-beards-are-sure-get-you-festive-spirit-14 these-glitter-beards-are-sure-get-you-festive-spirit-153

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