Alcohol vs. Food

    October 5, 2015 at 7:43 am

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    You are in your favorite pub with your drinking buddies and there’s only one shot of tequila left. In your mind, you’re questioning if you should get that then order some more food after. We get it you love alcohol but do you really want to gain more weight by drinking that last shot? Yes, alcohol has a lot of calories!

    Check out some of these diagrams that may make you want to put down that shot glass.

    1. Captain Morgan vs. Pepperoni Pizza


    2. Champagne vs. Whole Wheat Bread


    3. Vodka Cranberries vs. California Rolls


    4. Red Wine vs. Chocolate Chip Cookies


    5. Amfs vs. Vanilla Ice Cream Cones


    6. Bud Light cans vs. Cheeseburgers


    7. Fall Woodchuck 6-pack vs. Chocolate-covered Doughnuts


    8. Pina Coladas vs. Hershey’s Chocolate


    Photos via Elite Daily


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