5 Hilarious People Who Just DON’T Care Anymore

    September 14, 2015 at 10:29 pm

    Ignorance is bliss—or so they say. We have to admit, it’s very liberating when you just stop caring about the little things and simply letting the inevitable happen, rather than stressing over them. Then again, being on the receiving end is where the fun stops. Just check out the hilarious examples below:

    1. These pizza “slices” just won’t work, especially if you have OCD.


    2. You later ask yourself, why did I even bother? You took the time to explain your side, but the ticketing officer just didn’t care. Oh well, right?


    3. This kid better have straight As, or at least high initial grades, to act as buffer for all the missed lessons! Or maybe he has someone copying notes for him. Brilliant, either way!


    4. The odd thing is, everyone is all smiles, except the grandma causing the delay.


    5. At least it’s not you in there, so that’s a reason to celebrate with champagne and a cigarette… right?


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