7 Children “Zombified” By Televisions

    September 7, 2015 at 9:31 pm

    Televisions are called “idiot boxes” for a reason—it’s too damn addicting, and leaves mostly negative effects on young and ripe minds who need mental stimulation and interaction instead of just plain entertainment, which is basically what the TV now offers. And yet, none of us can help it—much less kids who easily get arrested by something so colorful and titillating.

    Would you be one of those parents who wouldn’t care so much about letting your kids stay in front of the TV? To help you decide and see the effects of the idiot box on kids, here are a few images of kids who have been photographed after being glued to the TV:

    Idiot Box_Cassidy

    Idiot Box_Datsun


    Idiot Box_Mila

    Idiot Box_Nico

    Idiot Box_Rhys


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