8 Weird And Cool Images Floating Around The Internet This Week

    August 5, 2015 at 3:12 am

    If you have to ask “What’s new?” you might want to consider what’s happening on the Internet… and by that, we mean check out some of the trending photos from online this week. It’s not difficult to see why—they’re either super odd or very cool that they became topics of conversation or your dream last night. Either way, Internet geeks saw these and you might as well check them out if you wish to stay updated or, simply, bored.

    1. This hairdryer from 1981

    1981 hairdryer

    2. Keychain hanger for rockstars!


    3. This room filled with glass walls and furniture (look closely!)


    4. Make sure you keep that number!


    5. This sculpture was called “politicians discussing global warming.” Yep.discussing global warming

    6. Never underestimate the power (and danger) of a storm!

    one scary storm

    7. How they took screenshots back in 1983.


    8. These lions just hangin’ out.

    world lion day

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