AskSeaWorld Responds with 25 Unintentionally Funny Posts

    April 7, 2015 at 10:57 am

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    If you missed last week’s hilarious AskSeaWorld debacle, let us set it up for you: Sea World, reeling from a scathing documentary, decided to be more transparent with a new feature called AskSeaWorld. Illustrating that they had literally no idea it would be disastrous, they soon expressed angst about being overwhelmed by “trolls.” Having had a week to think about the situation (and presumably fire some people), Sea World finally responded, mainly with CLEARLY FAKE questions purportedly submitted by the public. Heck, some of these questions refer to Sea World as “our” instead of “your,” they are so incredibly planted. We dug up the most obviously fake of those responses, as well as some of our favorite AskSeaWorld questions and reactions.


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