16 Dogs Who Sit Wherever They Please

    February 18, 2015 at 7:58 am

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    As it turns out, “if I fits I sits” doesn’t apply to just cats. Here are 16 dogs who sit wherever they please. And we mean wherever–flower pots, other dogs, cats, PEOPLE, etc. They’re pretty cute!

    Dog sitting in a flower pot

    Dog sitting on person's feet

    Dog sitting on a small cat

    Big dog sitting and sleeping awkwardly

    Dog sitting on a person

    Dog sitting on another dog

    Dog sitting in a sink

    Dog sitting awkwardly on chair

    Small dog sitting on big dog

    Dog sitting in flower pot

    Dog sitting inside a boot

    Dog sitting on park bench

    Dog sitting on dog's head

    Dog slumped on sleeping man

    Dog sleeping in guitar case

    Dog sleeping on laundry

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