9 Reasons Why People On Twitter Hate You

    February 16, 2015 at 7:37 am

    Like all social networking sites, Twitter encourages its users to connect with others and post pretty much whatever they like. And by whatever, we don’t mean tweets that people not only do not care for but tweets that can actually annoy the heck out of the people who follow you.

    Here are a couple of things that you shouldn’t be doing if you don’t want people on Twitter to hate and (gasp!) unfollow you.

    1. Retweeting something with a “LOL” before it.


    2. Misusing hashtags, sometimes to form sentences.


    3. Tweeting to ask something that you can easily Google the answers to.


    4. Linking your Foursquare account and letting it post tweet updates. One, no one really cares. Two, Foursquare is sooo last season!


    5. Linking your exercise bracelet to your Twitter. Again, no one cares. Unless your fitness trainer is following you.


    6. Tweeting to criticize.


    7. Posting useless daily updates.


    8. Retweeting and captioning a tweet that people can’t even understand because it’s been cut. Grr!


    9. Typing a period before a username so people would see it.


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