13 Photos Of Weirdly Shaped Things That Just Might Turn You On

    January 14, 2015 at 9:07 am

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    We know they’re plants, fruits and other normal, everyday things but… would just look at that? These photos show oddly-shaped things that look rather, err,¬†different at first sight and might even turn you on.

    We’re not going to say that we won’t judge you. But thank goodness for Internet viewing anonymity, huh?

    Warning: Some of these are NSFW!

    Small tree with trunk that looks like a butt


    Carrot with sexy legs

    Strawberry with what looks like perky breasts

    Yogurt with what looks like breasts

    Wooden art piece that looks like a girl's behind

    Topless man with big pecs

    Strawberry with cheeks

    Girl coffee cream froth

    Rock piled on the shore

    Weird-shaped carrot

    Tree trunk with butt cheeks

    Mushrooms with nipples

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