7 Shocking Facts Proving That People Have Lied To You About Your Food

    January 12, 2015 at 8:11 am

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    It helps to be informed about what you eat. In this case, we believed we were, only to realize years later that your food has been a big lie. Well, at least these are.

    There are a couple of other shocking food facts that will leave you looking at some food differently, but these are our favorites. Check them out:

    1. Peanuts are not nuts. They’re actually legumes.

    Harvesting peanuts


    2. Oranges are not always, well, orange. There are green oranges, too!

    Green-colored orange


    3. Froot Loops, no matter what color, taste the same.

    Colorful Froot Loops


    4. This is what the inside of your cup noodles look like, but for a reason: So the noodles have space for expansion when being cooked.

    Inside cup noodles


    5. Footlong Subway sandwiches actually measure up to just 11 inches. Damn.

    11-inch Subway sandwich


    6. Despite what your parents or grandparents kept telling you when you were little, carrots don’t improve your eyesight.

    Carrots chopped


    7. Cap’n Cruch isn’t really a Captain, but a Commander!

    Box of Cap'n Crunch

    Hard, we know. But you’ll get over it!


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