10 Hilarious Christmas Decorations Gone Wrong

    December 15, 2014 at 8:26 am

    It’s the season to be jolly. But while we successfully get cheered up this Christmas by all the wonderfully placed and cleverly designed decorations found in and out of people’s houses, these hilarious Christmas decorations seem to bring out other, err, emotions.

    Whether it be funny, bothersome or just plain wrong, these holiday decors are worth checking out to serve as warnings or inspiration for your designs this year!

    Toilet Cover with Santa's Face

    Christmas lights misspelling the word Peace

    Christmas lights spelling "Ditto"

    Skeleton dressed in Santa suit

    Hospital with disturbing decor for Christmas

    House covered in yellow Christmas lights

    Two Christmas light deers humping

    Christmas decor showing monkey flinging poo

    Many Christmas decoration stands

    Christmas light reindeer bleeding

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