25 Things Immature People Will Find Funny

    December 10, 2014 at 8:04 am

    Bored? Well here’s something admittedly useless that will otherwise cause you to let out a goofy laugh.

    You’re going to love (and laugh) at these 25 random (and some NSFW) things that immature people will find funny:

    Kid answers "My penis in a goat"

    Drinks spell out something lewd

    Phallic shaped land


    Bowling teams with funny names

    Photo of girl seemingly holding another girl's crotch

    Ingredients spell out "TITS"

    Double-meaning student services office name

    Acronym spelling "FAP"

    Married couple named "Wang-Holder"

    Library book code spells "cum"

    Warehouse name spelling "poo supply"

    Wifi name characters spelling out someting lewd

    Door sign spelling "Boobs"

    Graffiti spells "Fart"

    Slogan and brand name suggests lewdness

    Ping pong packaging with badly-placed display hole

    Grandpa holding up candles "69"

    Road sign saying "Wetwang"

    Book cover and title suggests something else

    Shocking real estate sign spells "Mycock"

    Phallic shaped furry dog

    Truck reading "Erection Specialists"

    Car gauge spells "Boobs"

    Egg label spells "Bum Hole" because of badly positioned sticker

    Funny house for sale sign says "BUTT"


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