15 Funny And Disturbing Contexts From Children’s Books

    December 8, 2014 at 11:35 am

    We’re worried these books will do some damage instead of teaching our kids innocence. But thank goodness for children’s naivety, huh?

    Check out these 15 funny and disturbing contexts from children’s books:

    Accidental horse-balls word association 

    George being stalker-ish

    Henry offering Thomas some questionable "special coal"

    Snow fun with a weird caption

    Seamen doing their job

    Rhino with phallic horn

    This questionable children's game

    The lion's eyebrow-raising instruction

    Awkward diagram showing elephant gender difference

    Get means goat, Killing means kid

    Disturbing instruction

    Kid named Dick

    Helpful diagram of horse anatomy

    Undeniably attention-grabbing book title

    Badly positioned sticker


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