13 Celebrities And Their Awkward #ThrowbackThursday Pictures

    July 30, 2014 at 9:10 am

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    Don’t feel bad about that tagged throwback picture of yours, or about that awful yearbook shot. Celebrities had to go through a weird, O-M-G phase, too. We present, as an early #ThrowbackThursday treat (even if it’s still a Wednesday),¬†13 Celebrities And Their Awkward #ThrowbackThursday Pictures.

    1. The Rock

    the rock

    2. Bill Nye

    bill nye

    3. Avril Lavigne

    avril lavigne

    4. Russel Brand

    russel brand

    5.  George Clooney

    george clooney

    6. Taylor Swift

    taylor swift

    7. Eminem


    8. Ryan Seacrest

    ryan seacrest

    9. Steve Carell

    steve carell

    10. Justin Timberlake

    justin timberlake

    11. Amy Poehler

    amy poehler

    12. Tina Fey

    tina fey

    13. Ke$ha


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