5 patriotic gestures that blew your Fourth of July decor out of the water

    July 7, 2014 at 4:22 pm

    Don’t worry, you have a whole YEAR to step up your July 4th game for 2015.

    1) A member of a Navy squadron parachutes carrying a huge American Flag at the  Coastal Carolina Air Show in Wilmington, N.C.:050416-N-0295M-104
    2) Damn! The Hoover Dam out did ‘ya!


    3) Polish-born model turned reality star Joanna Krupa trumps your patriotic flair…

    my patriotism is bigger than yours egotv 3 Joanna krupa

    4) Where’s the bunting?

    Then came along Aussie and Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr who left you in the dust… along with all of America…. by posting this pic on her personal Instagram the same day wishing us all:
    “Happy 4th of July.”

    my patriotism is bigger than yours egotv 4 miranda kerr
    5) Top THAT!

    [No, literally. You would have go on top of the Empire State Building in NYC and place the largest Roman Candle ever known to mankind on top of this building on July 4th in order to out maneuver  this classic patriotic salute on America’s birthday]

    Empire State Building rehearsal


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