20 Absurd Bacon Related Products

    December 12, 2013 at 10:08 am

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    These absurd bacon related products will make even the most crooked rabbi blush.

    Actually, besides these people who already did something similar, this article is completely original for all intents purposes and otherwise because we added the word “absurd” to these bacon related products.  Also, factory farms are fucked up.

    1)Hanukkah Ham 

    weird-bacon-products-Chanukah Ham

    2) Bacon Soda

    weird-bacon-products-Bacon Soda

    3) Bacon Air Freshener

    weird-bacon-products-Bacon freshener

    4) Bacon Breath Freshener

    weird-bacon-products-Bacon Breath Freshener



    5) Bacon Gumballsweird-bacon-products-Bacon Breath Gumballs


    6) Bacon Vodka

    weird-bacon-products-Bacon Breath Vodka

    7) Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

    weird-bacon-products-Bacon toothpaste

    8) Bacon Flavored Toothpicks

    weird-bacon-products-Bacon Toothpicks

    9) Gummy Bacon

    weird-bacon-products-GUMMY Bacon

    10) Lady Gaga (Meat Dress)

    weird-bacon-products-Lady Gaga

    11) Bacon Lube

    weird-bacon-products-Bacon Lube

    12) Bacon Cereal

    weird-bacon-products-Bacon cereal

    13) Baconnaise

    weird-bacon-products-Bacon Mayo

    14) Bacon Car

    weird-bacon-products-Bacon Car

    15) Bacon Suitcase

    weird-bacon-products-Bacon suitcase

    16)Bacon Mug

    weird-bacon-products-Bacon Mug

    17) Bacon Soap

    weird-bacon-products-Bacon Soap

    18) Bacon Chips

    weird bacon products Bacon Chips

    19) Bacon Deodorant

    weird bacon products Bacon Deodorant

    20) Bacon Perfume

    weird bacon products Bacon perfume

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