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    November 14, 2013 at 3:00 am

    Or how I inserted random crap in an article and called it “journalism” or blogging or something.  Sometimes we get penalties for our actions and we realize that the system is a misguided archaic cage that ever-so-increasingly encapsulates our lives and decision making.  Sadly we are limited with our recourse and the decision is made to either just accept the status quo, or use a lot of multisyllabic words and hope for the best when it comes to “justice”.

    You gotta feel sorry for enforcement people.  It’s their jobs to create revenues and extract money from people. Its the type of problem that exacerbates itself as the population increases and population modal iq decreases.  If there is anything we should know about negotiation, its always good to be the crazy irrational one that will take every opportunity to screw someone over and over and over regardless of time or personal consequences.  Sometimes its good to be the guy that brings an Ak-47 to a fist fight.  Sometimes its a write off to stay away from crazy.

    Sometimes we get silly parking tickets we can nil afford because we have crappy jobs and we do our best to meet our material needs, but the system of rules restricts and oppresses us and we are forced to contribute to the moral dissolution of society by writing poorly constructed copy for meth money.  So here I am, using my advanced sociology degree to mitigate the ever-increasing amount of debt I will be in for the rest of my life.

    So if you have gotten this far, congratulations.  It’s all downhill from here.  Here is my appeal letter that utilizes post-modern thinking to fight the insular governmental bureaucracy and their binary decision making on street cleaning parking tickets.

    Dawson Crying

    To Whom It May Concern:

    In the post -modern world, anything and everything is possible.  While I do not challenge the legal-rational authority of the police department to issue citation XXXXXXXX, I wish to bring to light the financial repercussions of administering this ticket further.  On my end, I am being asked to part with the amount of money I have earned in an 8 hour day while making minimum wage.  As a Non-Union background actor, I have spent countless hours calling up the work hotlines, listening for instructions, and finally using my capital resources getting ot set.  While I am alienated and treated like scum, the troubling aspect is the exhaustive element of trying to get ahead and seeing the fruits of your labors evaporates by an ever-increasingly complex and more oppressive system of rules.  Please understand I was born into this world of empircized rationality.  I am still human and do human things. 

    In the early days of IBM’s deep blue, Gary Kasparov was able to beat the machine through an illogical set of repetitive moves.  While I don’t consider this a game of chess, nor am I trying to beat the system, I wish to share my disdain for the euphemised term, “revenue”.

    By its nature, “revenue” implies gross receipts or monies coming in, but does not really account for net income after other expenditures.  The point is that what may seemingly be a $53 asset to the revenue column, will ultimately cost the city revenue department through a claim I wish to file and other illogical means. 

    At issue is not whether I am guilty in the eyes of the law, many laws are conducted and archaic.  It was only this last decade that the Supreme Court struck down numerous sodomy laws.  And it was only a century ago that women and blacks “earned” equal civil rights.  The issue is whether the justice administered in the eyes of the law is best for the city of XXXXXX and its revenue department. 

    Provided this ticket is dismissed, I will not file my claim where my driver side mirror was destroyed while parking on XXXX between XXXX and XXXXX.  Though I was innocent of any wrongdoing by looking for signs and parking legally within the prescribed hours, this is truly an unsafe street to park on.  If I was a twisted individual, I would park on this street to prove a point that it is unsafe. 

    Maybe this ticket was for the best.  I know of no better way to make this issue known other than to write a letter in defense of my consideration for human life.  These street signs on XXXXXX street are archaic and dangerous.  Also, as you may have noticed, im probably the most literate person in the neighborhood.  This is a problem!

    I understand the initial decision has ruled me liable.  I also understand that this is not the forum for city politics or police powers.  Nevertheless, people should be compensated and rewarded for preemptively saving lives.  As a member of the revenue department, you have a fidicuary duty to the city and its citizens.  I will proudly post this letter and my other opinions good or bad depending on the outcome of this appeal.  Any future loss of life regarding parking on this street may result in future cuppability and extreme liability to the “revenue” department. 

    The principal question is not whether I am liable, rather at what costs is the city willing to go through to attain my $53 in “revenue”.  This itself is an irrational choice and normal binary ways of thinking about whether “liable” or “not liable” should be discarded.  Since we live in an abstract post-modern world, I ask the city “revenue department” to see beyond traditional bureaucratic myopicacy and forgo any revenues associated with ticket XXXXXXXX

    p.s. the intersection at XXXXXX and XXXXXX is a piece of shit.  The city planners have succumbed to the wishes of the car dealership rather than the safety of the children that play on the street.  If anybody gets hurt on either Atlantic or Olive, I curse you to be fully culpable. 


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