How to Do Acid For the First Time

    November 11, 2013 at 1:42 am

    If you’re thinking of embarking on a little journey to another universe or ten via the wonderful invention that is acid, read this first. Especially if you’re unsure of how to make your trip memorable in a “woah, dude — that was rad” sort of way and not a “peel my own face off with a spoon and turn to Scientology” kind of way.


    Your first trip — and every trip — should be done in a safe and comfortable environment. If you’re tripping at home, clean your place up before taking LSD so the clutter and mess doesn’t begin to bother you while you’re on drugs and unable to really do anything about it. It’s a good idea to light candles (or any soft lights) and incense before you begin to set a peaceful mood. If you’re tripping in a park, make sure you’re in a place where you won’t be bothered or intruded upon by others (especially the police). If you choose to take acid at a concert for your first experience, it’s a good idea to have someone with you who isn’t tripping and to choose to do less rather than more — and if you’re someone who is easily caused anxiety by crowds, you should probably avoid this option entirely. Wherever you are, make sure it’s a comfortable and familiar environment for your first time on LSD.

    Make sure you’re getting your acid from a trustworthy source. A good way to make sure that your drugs are real is to spend a little extra money on an LSD test kit, which will tell you if your acid is real or some of the fake synthetic/imitation stuff that’s been popping up. If you don’t really care which one you try, go ahead, but the fact that one kid has already died from taking imitation LSD is a little daunting. No one has ever died from taking actual LSD.

    If you’re too cheap to spend twenty extra dollars on a test kit, try to only buy from a batch that’s been sampled by a friend or trusted source of yours. You should probably avoid buying from someone you dislike or distrust entirely, because the negative thoughts associated with that person may arise to bite you in your hallucinating ass later on.

    Choosing People to Trip With

    Trip with people you trust and like. If it’s your first time, it’s best to be with at least one other person who has done it before so that they can look out for you while you’re tripping, or at least make you feel a little more comfortable and less like you’re plunging into the unknown with a bunch of other amateurs who may prove unpredictable during the trip. For your first time, it’s best not to trip with strangers. For any trip, it’s best not to trip with anyone you dislike or feel uncomfortable around. LSD will make you see your friends in a different light; friends you truly like tend to appear ‘better’ looking, younger or kinder during your trip, while those you distrust and dislike may begin to appear uglier and make you uncomfortable.

    Clearing Your Conscience
    Make sure you’re in a good state of mind when you start your trip. Don’t take acid if you’ve just gotten into a fight with a friend, are upset or angry or particularly sad, or are doing it to try and make yourself “feel better.” Your conscience should be clear before you take LSD, so make up with whoever you need to make up with, be at peace with yourself, and do anything you need to do to clear your conscience of worries (i.e. completing work ahead of time so you won’t worry about your tomorrow-deadline during your trip, calling your grandma that you haven’t spoken to in a week, doing the dishes your mom asked you to do yesterday).

    Be Prepared to Accept Whatever
    Acid happens to you, not the other way around. Prepare to surrender your control and allow the trip to take you wherever it may take you, without worrying too much about the specifics of what will happen, what you’ll feel, or what you’ll see. Be open and accepting — expect nothing.

    Avoiding a Bad Trip

    Things to remember:
    – It will end. Acid trips do not last forever, though it may feel that way in the moment. Don’t get caught in a cycle of ‘I want this to end, I want this to end, I wan this to end.’ Instead, distract yourself; remove yourself from whatever you’re doing and focus on something else. If you’re sitting on the couch concentrating on your desire for the trip to end, try turning on a movie or song you like, going into a different room, or talking about your issues with the person you’re with.
    – You cannot die. Remind yourself of that if you begin to hyperventilate or believe that you are, for some reason, dying or overdosing on LSD. No one has ever died from taking LSD and you are not going to be the first one in over forty years of usage.
    – It’s all in your head. A good trip is up to you. Positive energy, openness, and an easy-going, relaxed attitude are key.
    – Avoid unsafe situations. Don’t enter a bar or another public place if you cannot entirely trust yourself to act 100% normal. No one wants to get arrested on LSD. Don’t wander off into a dangerous part of town alone for a stroll or assume you can talk to your parents without a hitch. Stay within your comfort zone and stay safe.

    Having a Bad Trip
    If you have a bad trip once, it doesn’t mean every trip has to be bad. Think about what went wrong and take precautions to avoid those harrowing factors in the future. The nature of your trip is entirely psychological, and while you can’t control your journey you are able to control whether it is a negative or positive experience and good preparation and precautions are a large part of properly utilizing that control.

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