World’s Largest Echo Chamber: Things I hate about Facebook!

    August 28, 2013 at 1:11 pm

    The Facebook environment is the world’s largest echo chamber!Instead of people weaving in personal details via social graces within a bilateral conversation,  Facebook “friends” tend to preejaculate their life announcements all over my “friend” feed.  In real life this comes across as being a self absorbed schmuck!  I’m tired of Facebook being the world’s largest echo chamber for things I don’t care for.  Here are some things I hate about Facebook.

    Facebook serves as a barometer for measuring mainstream cultural ideals with other people who could care less about you and are unlikely to partake with you in their actual life events.  As a Facebook “friend” who’s been exposed to numerous marriages, birthdays, engagements, pregnancies, and graduations; my life and social time has been relegated to purchasing an electronic device and handing over tremendous amounts of personal data, just so I can enter a user name and password to click ” like” buttons unilaterally for people on my “friend feed” so I don’t come across as a complete ass.

    pigeons pecking facebook

    "Like", "Like", "Like", "Like", "Like", "Like", "Like", "Like", "Like",

    Recently, I had a party in my loft and made facebook invites for my “friends”.   At the party, my cousin showed up high on blow and a model in each arm.  Since it was my party, I wasn’t going to advertise that Charlie Sheen would show up rip roaring drunk and be obnoxious for his usual shit show.  Sure, some people have the courtesy to rsvp, but many people simply ignored my invitation.  Why?!  Because facebook is an echo chamber filled with human beings passively combing through my mundane life details like Shabbat parties with sex, drugs, and Charlie Sheen.

    Sheen's girlfriends

    Fortunately for me, and our legal team, Charlie passed out and didn't remember a thing.

    These echoes have a reciprocal effect on people’s status updates.  As people update their statuses, especially if  they are not significant life events, their prose is not some insightful question to their Facebook audience.  Rather, they tend to be composed of memical postings based on faulty logic to meet the lowest common denominator to harbor “likes”.  Screw that! Fortunately for me, there are alternatives to using facebook.  For instance, I don’t have any of these problems on myspace!

    myspace login

    I swear the only reason I keep my Facebook account is to log in to Myspace

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