What to Do When Someone is Treating You Like an Asshole

    August 20, 2013 at 2:48 am

    Whether it’s your boyfriend/girlfriend, friend, coworker, or parent, no one likes to be made to feel like a lesser being by someone considered at least somewhat important to them. So what do you do when someone in your life is denting up your already-shitty self-esteem with a bunch of insulting, condescending bullshit or just plain old malicious indifference? Here’s how to deal.

    Get away from that person right now. That’s about it. This is gonna be a short one.

    Removing yourself from the company of whoever is treating you poorly will:

    – Stop allowing that person to continue spewing negativity in your direction.
    – Stop allowing yourself to receive said negativity.
    – Prevent your brain from continuing to feel the detrimental effects of remaining in a negative situation.
    – Force the other person to at least reflect on the situation, the self respect that it took for you to walk away, and why what they were doing was not okay with you.

    If you do choose to stick around, whether you speak up for yourself or not, you are giving the other person a clear message that treating you like a dick is pretty much okay with you. Even if you complain, your physical presence still sends a green light to their shitmobile which will then continue to drive their shitty tires over you and basically shit up your life.

    Tell the other person that what they are doing is not okay with you because you feel disrespected and uncomfortable and won’t stick around for that sort of thing. Then leave.

    Never engage in conversations or interactions with those who are blatantly disrespecting you, acting rude, insulting you, or coming into the discussion with a condescending attitude. Unless there is a mutual understanding of how you should each treat one another, don’t even bother. It’s not worth it and you’ll feel better once you leave, even if it is painful to do so.

    Here are some great examples:

    Problem: You and your boyfriend/girlfriend are out at a club. He/she is engaged in conversation with someone you know that they find attractive. You don’t really mind. In fact, you give them space. But after a while, you’re getting bored and want to get out of there. However, your shitty dude/girl is sort of cold-shouldering you to keep the conversation with the other dude going.
    Solution: Just leave them there. When they realize you’re missing and get offended by it, politely explain your side and wait for them to figure out that you mean some serious goddamn business.

    Simpler problem: Your boyfriend just called you a stupid bitch or your girlfriend got angry at something you said and punched you in the chest. Even though she’s a weak bitch and didn’t hurt you, you better haul ass out of there. And as far as name calling goes, that’s just absurd.

    Problem: Your bipolar dad is screaming at you at the top of his lungs for calling him a name you definitely did not call him.

    Problem: Your coworker has just told you that you have a great ass. Please don’t assault him if you want to keep your job.

    The solution is the same for every problem which is why there was only one solution and four problems. Thanks.

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