Does Phil Collins Sing About Love? Or Landlord Tenant Relations?

    August 7, 2013 at 11:29 am

    What drives Phil Collin’s lyrical reasoning?  Maybe it’s something abstract like love?  Or, maybe its something concrete like landlord tenant relations?  At first appearance, it appears he sings about love, but there are clues within his artistic style that suggests he sings about landlord/tenant relations.  At this time, we’re still muddled whether in fact Phil Collins sings about love, or landlord tenant relations.  You be the judge.

    In the Air Tonight-1979

    What could possibly be coming in the air tonight?  What moment has Phil Collins been waiting for all his life? Is it to hear his significant other say something substantial like they love him?  Or, is it the results of a credit check application on an apartment?  In the song, Collins emphatically states, “I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life…oh lord”.  In English etymology, lord is the master of a house, which colloquially is also known as “landlord”.   Therefore, it can be reasonably implied, Collins is making a push to appease a future landlord.

    In the Air Tonight

    Phil Collins waiting for the moment all his life

    Against All Odds-1984

    While the official story is that this is the title song for the 1984 feature film, “Against All Odds”, Collins insistently mentions there’s just an empty space.  Is this “empty space a metaphor” for his heart being broken?  Or does it imply an impending eviction?

    Against All Odds

    Phil Collin's once again looking hard at camera


    What is Ssuudddioo?  Is it a girl that’s been on Phil Collin’s mind all the time?  Is it a madeup word?  Or is it really what he has his eyes on?  A STUDIO apartment?

    Have I got a ghost story for you!

    One more night-1985

    Simply pleading for one more night incessantly implies an unbalanced relationship.  In landlord tenant relations, contractual language usually heavily favors the landlord, so it is very common for tenants to plead for one more night, incessantly. With this guy’s hard stare down and the fact he produced a lyrical song asking for more night, as a hypothetical landlord, this makes things tricky when initiating the eviction process.

    One More Night

    Another complexion of Phil Collin's face for album art

    Another Day in Paradise-1989

    The word paradise sounds like a wonderful place.  No matter how nice a place is, a person still needs to lay their head down at night.  It bemuses us if Phil Collin’s is singing about a mystical place, or simply making an ode to his habitable apartment?

    One More Night

    Phil Collins discographic art is very deep and telling with multiple dimensions to his face

    Clearly, Phil Collin’s is an inspired musician.  It’s just not clear whether he is inspired by love, or landlord tenant relations.  Maybe the guy just loves his living space. Regardless if you think Phil Collins sings about love, or landlord tenant relations, he is a talented musician that loves the way his facial profile looks.  The real question is, would a reasonable landlord rent to this guy?


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