Is This the Best Zombie Book of the Summer?

    August 6, 2013 at 2:08 am

    ghostland cover

    In a nutshell, Ghostland is a great book for people who are sick of the usual undead fare I, like many fans, approach zombie fiction with trepidation. The market is just so saturated with fiction about the shambling undead, most of it lacking any innovation.

    For this reason, I consider the strongest thing going for Ghostland to be its originality. It tells the side of the zombie apocalypse that happens after the violence has stopped: The long wait of the strong female protagonist for… something to happen. The author does a brilliant job of both making this feel real and dynamic with fight scenes interspersed with an evolving life for the characters involved.

    That’s not to say that Ghostland is too radical a divergence from standard fare. There’s still tower defense, scavenging, and plenty of brains getting battered into batter. It just feels fresh, thanks to the author’s choice of setting and ability to capture a moment.

    My main complaint about the book was that it ended, frankly. I hope this sells enough copies for the author to consider writing a sequel which picks up right where Ghostland left off.

    I recommend anyone who likes a solid, character-driven horror tale. At $1-$2, it’s a bargain find that will keep readers engrossed for hours. Be sure to pick up your copy today, right here.

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