Effective Internet Stalking 101

    July 2, 2013 at 4:29 am

    Ever been totally creepily obsessed with some hot girl on Instagram or meet a dude in a random town but only get his first name before you had to leave? Here’s how you can stalk the shit out of someone you barely know, find out a whole bunch of information on them, and inspire them to take out a restraining order on you before you even get to say hello.

    I don't know what this is or why but I think you should have it.

    Whether it’s a phone number, an email address, or just a first name and general location: start by using what you have.

    Phone numbers are easy because you can type them into Google or an app like MrNumber to try and find out more about the person in question. Typing in a phone number will bring up a ton of ‘reverse lookup’ sites; some will be fruitless spammy nonsense, but some may bring you closer to your goal (i.e. by providing a last name or a town).

    You can also type the phone number into Facebook, which will sometimes be connected to that person’s profile.

    So you did the phone number thing but you still don’t have a last name; just a first name and a town. Head over to Facebook and type in the first name and the town you came up with. It should be as easy as that.

    If not, try Googling the first name, town and phone number or any combination of two. Try that Googling trick with the word “Facebook” at the end of it.

    Any detail about the person helps. Even if that person goes by a fake name, it’s still extremely easy to track them on Facebook using just their phone number or location and a first name. Facebook typically yields amazing results when just a first name and a location is used.

    Check the “about” section on their profile. Maybe there’s a Flickr or even just a username you can Google to come up with a Flickr. If their friends are visible, check some of those people out, too. Untagged pictures and juicy information abounds, especially via Facebook and Instagram.

    If you’re trying to view private photos without adding the person on Facebook, you’re pretty much on your own. You only have three options in that situation, and all are a little weird:
    1) Get a friend who is friends with the person you’re stalking to send you links to the pictures. However, the links must be taken from “Copy Image URL” and NOT the navigation bar on top.
    2) Make a dummy account and add the person in hopes they will blindly accept you.
    3) Spend years learning how to hack computers and then do it yourself.
    4) Use this tedious and crappy guide on Facebook hacking. That’s a bonus number four that isn’t really a bonus at all because it sucks.

    Good luck and happy stalking, you creep.

    PS The person in the thumbnail for this article is you.

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