3 NFL Players Convicted of Murder

    June 27, 2013 at 10:50 am

    The sports world is abuzz after Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was charged with murder and released from his team. According to the prosecution, Hernandez left a bumbling chain of evidence in the process of the crime. Allegedly, Hernandez murdered his fiancee’s sisters boyfriend over something he said to someone at some nightclub. It makes little sense, until you factor in another lawsuit against Hernandez for allegedly shooting a man in the face outside a strip club. Then everything comes together to paint the picture of a gun-toting, crazed superhuman.


    1. Robert Rozier

    Robert Rozier

    After his NFL days, Rozier fell in with a savage cult. In order to gain admission, he had to kill a “white devil.” Rozier went above and beyond that, slaying and dismembering seven people before getting put in jail for life. Just a special note that when a guy starts killing because a man named Yahwey ben Yahweh convinces him white men are the devil, there might be more at play here than just repeated head trauma.


    2. Eric Naposki


    Naposki proved that linebackers should leave the plotting to the sidelines when he murdered a man as part of an insurance scam. Interestingly, the murder occured in 1994, but there wasn’t enough evidence until 2009 to arrest him. Now, Naposki is spending a life sentence behind bars, no doubt looking forward to some sort of “Longest Yard” scenario. The whole setup was concocted by Naposki’s girlfriend, who was 25 years younger than he.


    3. Rae Carruth

    Rae Carruth

    As former high school football stars, NFL players grow used to a certain level of getting what they want. So when Carruth’s girlfriend refused to abort her pregnancy, Carruth took matters into his own hands. He orchestrated a drive by shooting. Then, in a display of stupidity only rivaled by Aaron Hernandez, Carruth showed up to the drive by shooting. The victim called police and identified Carruth, who was summarily convicted of conspiracy to commit murder.


    Bonus: Darryl Henley

    Darryl Henley

    Henley was not convicted of conspiracy to commit murder, but not for lack of trying. After playing 76 games in the NFL, Henley decided there was better play in the cocaine game. Then, after getting busted for dealing coke, Henley tried to have the judge in his case murdered. He is serving out a 41 year sentence.

    We’re not sure what would possess some rich guy to blow a murder: Hernandez was in the first few years of a 5-year, $40 million contract. Take the advice we keep giving Lindsay Lohan every time she gets behind the wheel: Hire someone to do it for you.

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