A (Rendered Useless) Informational Guide on How to Successfully Rob a Bank

    June 20, 2013 at 4:36 am

    When the Internet first started, it was a wonderful source of information.  All someone had to do was type into infoseek.com whatever they were looking for.  Like for instance, “How to successfully rob a bank”.  Now the Internet is perpetrated with bots that spew out useless information.  Here is some useless information about how to successfully rob a bank.


    The first piece of information about learning how to rob a bank is to understand the banks opening procedures.  These can be learned by scouting the banks early in the morning when they open.  Many banks will employ multiple people as part of their opening procedure.  These are subtle movements.


    Instead of scoping the place out, it's also ok to walk in during normal business hours

    Due to a cease and desist letter, legal counsel has advised us not to further publish any information on how to successfully rob a bank.

    Please enjoy this gallery of cute and cuddly cats.



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