Twitter Bots: Corporate America’s Co-Optation of Reality

    June 13, 2013 at 1:56 am

    The function of Twitter bots is to perpetuate corporate hash tags in hopes that it catches on to convince other twits, real and unreal, that indeed this is their reality.

    But if any of my friends perpetuated a corporate hash tag, the reality is I would curse them.  So instead these twitter bots perform corporate dirty work and perpetuate a reality that a reasonable person could care less about.  In other words, Twitter is an echo chamber created by Twitter bots that reinforces a feedback loop with functional utility for corporate interests.  To this I say, “#meh”

    It is enticing to be able to pay a small sum of money for a few thousand twitter bots to boost one’s social capital.  But how can a person tell if other people have twitter bots? Like for instance, that weird guy you know that never says anything and smells funny but has 6,126 followers.  To determine what makes a Twitter bot, consider the following:

    The average person gets pissed off using Twitter within a short amount of time.  They form an account and start following a bunch of people, and realize that unless they are a hot chick, nobody could give two farts to the wind about what they say.  They then realize that a bunch of other people have higher ratios of followers to people following them so they quit in frustration as the novelty wears off and they move on with life.

    Lots of Friends

    Achieving life's dreams. One follower at a time!

    Deciphering if Twitter Bots are used is not so simple.   There are numerous types of twitter bots with different algorithms and functions like retweeting, sharing, and following corporate hash tags.  However, these bots tend not to follow each other or respond to various insults.  Instead, money talks. For the cost of a dollar meal, one can simply purchase a few thousand followers.



    RT @Bryan_Barton Hoo b excitd bout dis?   #susananalbumparty


    Twitter has two ways to make money.  1. Sell your personal information.  2. Appeal to corporate interests.  Now imagine if a corporation had a marketing budget of at least 100 dollars a day. Actually, marketing budgets are more like 10,000 dollars a day.  The point is that corporate America can employ numerous marketing shenanigans to obscure reality and influence public opinion.  In addition, they can drown out legitimate voices with sheer nonsense and possibly influence a user’s search results.  For instance, does anybody on Twitter currently remember the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill that uncontrollably spewed oil in the Gulf of Mexico for three months?  This is because these people that come up predominantly in search results are all Twitter Bots. Since reality is what we make it to be and if Twitter bots are any inclination in the current state of events, I would be ready to believe that it’s a good thing sea food prices are incredibly low and recent tourism is up in gulf of Mexico States.  In fact, I would be led to believe that BP is responsible for these wonderful events.



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