Taxes are Gay: You Better Believe it!

    June 10, 2013 at 5:55 am

    You better believe that taxes encourage gayness.  Elected politicians will say and do anything to get elected into office.  For nearly all politicians in a democracy, it’s political suicide to suggest anything other than beefing up the criminal justice system.  Or having anything less than a strong military.   So what happens when thousands upon thousands of elected officials get tough on crime?  Well they raise taxes to encourage societal gayness.  You better believe it!

    getting tough on crime



    There are two kinds of gayness today.  The first is involuntary gayness.  The second is voluntary gayness.  Of course, each has differing degrees.

    First lets talk about involuntary gayness.  The prison population has exponentially increased in the last 20 years.  The reason this population has increased is because each and every politician has made it their mission to be “tough on crime”.   Not only have definitions of crime expanded, the efficiency of enforcement too.

    Cell mate

    By virtue of the state, you get to spend the next four years of your life in matrimonial bliss with this other man

    The point is, nearly almost all prisoners in the United States are male, and primates let alone humans in captivity tend to do gay things.  And not the gay things like decorate their jail cell; rather, they engage in fist bumping-rip roaring man orgies.

    In order to pay for these fortresses of sodomy, governments have one option.  That is to siphon more and more tax dollars to these enterprises.   But everyone is feeling the brunt of this “getting tough on crime” approach.  We are paying more and more while receiving fewer public services.  So how do seemingly normal people make simple economic decisions that reap tremendous benefits?

    Gayness.  Its not just for gay people anymore

    Gayness. It's not just for gay people anymore

    It turns out there are a tons of benefits that gay people are lobbying for and will ultimately receive.  For instance, with increased exposure comes tax benefits in property estates, health insurance coverage, and even acceptance in the military.  While many view gays in the military as a great societal advancement, having a gay military marriage would reap even further benefits.

    outside gayness

    Well, back in 1969 I told them I was "gay" to avoid military service and just kinda went with it


    Whether gayness is an intended or unintended byproduct of the tax code, it is crystal clear that taxes are encouraging gayness one way or another.   If you don’t pay taxes, you go to jail where other people’s tax dollars support you.  If you don’t want to pay taxes, you go gay to avoid paying them.  If you are not gay, the adage is you pay lots of taxes anyways and gay sex is the best descriptor of this relationship with your Uncle Sam.   Therefore, taxes are gay.  You better believe it!

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