Adriana Lima’s Profound Facebook “Wisdom” – Life as a Supermodel Genius

    May 29, 2013 at 11:39 am

    It’s no secret that supermodels on Facebook like to soak in the fact that they are really hot and can get away with saying silly generic things passed off as “wisdom”.  The amount of attention their social statements get is downright absurd — not because they are incredibly profound, but because they are profoundly simple.

    Check out these head-scratchers in a different light.

    Adriana Lima on Facebook telling people to "go for it"

    Adriana Lima Inspires Young Man

    Adriana Lima


    Adriana Lima Preaches Wisdom To Hungry Children


    Adrian Lima

    Adriana Lima Wheelchair Fall


    Adriana Lima Spewing Wisdom


    Jump Roping on Building


    Adriana Lima Preaching Imperfection


    Guy Taking Adriana Lima's Advice

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