Is Jessie Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” A Conspiracy to Make Conspiracy Theorists Look Stupid?

    April 17, 2013 at 4:30 am

    Former Governor and U.S. Marine Jessie Ventura had a short-lived television show called Conspiracy Theory, each episode of which was based on trying to discover the truth behind a particular controversial conspiracy. While not on the level of insanity where the absurd Ancient Aliens dwells, Conspiracy Theory is (or was, since it’s been canceled) worse when it comes to propagating false information.

    The aim of the show seems to be:
    – To lead astray those who are slightly vulnerable, possibly gullible yet seek the truth about controversial, lesser-discussed political topics.
    – To make those who believe in the unhappy, less popular truths that lie behind many of America’s darker issues and “conspiracies” appear stupid and/or crazy. In other words, to discredit dissenters.
    – To garner ratings using sensationalist journalism and melodramatic, overzealous, unrealistic claims and goals that are never meant to be proven or reached.

    Conspiracy Theory uses two tricks to subtly spread lies while simultaneously discrediting the somber truths that often pale in the light of sensationalism for the sake of simply getting the most attention.

    Conspiracy Theory‘s first dirty trick is to sprinkle in the bad with the good. By peppering credible information with speculation and unreliable sources, Conspiracy Theory spoils the “whole bunch” with the one (or few) apples that are bad.

    What I’m trying to say is that David Icke is not a credible source. Conspiracy Theory covers the Bilderberg Group, a very real, very rich and very disconcerting club whose members are the political leaders and most powerful, richest people of the entire world. The Bilderberg Group holds club meetings once a year which are heavily guarded and even more heavily shrouded in secrecy; it is likely that this group is behind many important changes in the world related to banking, the value of money, the cost of oil, etc. There is a wealth of reliable information on this group that supports these ideas.

    Jessie confronts The Umbrella Man about what REALLY happened on 9/11

    Why, then, is a brainwashing, science fiction writing, reptilian enthusiast like David Icke called as an expert on the topic? Icke is the same man who believes that Obama is a secret reptilian alien and that the moon is hollow and occupied by people who are controlling Earth’s weather from inside of it.

    The second issue is that Conspiracy Theory adds an awkward “hero” angle to the show and Jessie Ventura’s mission on it. During the episode on Plum Island, the secret government animal disease test lab off the coast of Long Island, they asked about the scientists employed there, “Can Jessie stop them on their path to destruction before they take over the entire world?”

    No. The answer is no. He’s not getting onto Plum Island. Jessie Ventura is not stopping anything, and the footage of him racing toward the sea mine-guarded island with the Coast Guard close on his tail is most likely entirely fake. The fact that the show even pretends that Jessie Ventura is important or powerful enough to change anything the government is doing by use of David Icke and storming secret military operations is so ridiculous it makes me cringe.

    At least mindless reality shows like The Bad Girls Club are honest about what they are and isn’t damaging valid arguments by using sources like David Icke and someone they entitled an “Internet Journalist.” At least Teen Mom 2 doesn’t claim to be trying to save the world.

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