10 Videos of Various Animals Skateboarding

    February 27, 2013 at 4:00 am

    The only tricks my dog knows are “sit,” “give paw,” and “ignore me when I tell you to stop trying to eat the neighbor’s dog through the fence.” Here are 10 talented animals showing off their skateboarding skills.

    Extreme Pete is a dog that skateboards better than I ever will.


    A bird skateboards with the help of a very annoying parrot.


    No pussies allowed at the X-Games.


    This skateboarding pig needs a  lot of practice if he wants to avoid becoming breakfast.


    A skateboarding (and suicidal) hamster.


    This skateboarding owl video really reinforces the idea that humans are just as easily entertained as cats.


    A skateboarding lizard who hates Tech Decks.


    Snooki has a skill after all.



    This goat won a world record with his skateboarding skills, making him more accomplished than many humans.


    This skateboarding bunny has a cooler haircut than you.

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