5 Dangerous iPhone Apps

    February 12, 2013 at 4:00 am

    The app store has apps for everything — fun, productivity, and even boners. But some of these sneaky apps are unexpectedly perfect for criminal use. Here are five dangerous apps either easily exploited by criminals or liable to lure you into trouble:

    Surrey Police

    Unfortunately only available in Surrey, England, this police-tracker app is perfect for criminals and police radio fanatics alike. Surrey Police allows the user to track where the police are and what they’re working on in the city of Surrey. The user can examine a monthly summary of crimes in his or her area, limit the search to the user’s borough only, and even view tweets from the Sergeant and PC. Criminals, however, would be most interested in the “What’s Happening Right Now” button, which allows the user to find out when all police have been directed to respond to reports of nuclear explosions happening on the edge of town, making it safe for the clever burglar to run rampant in the streets.



    A pedophile’s dream, IMeetzU is a chat application that allows the user to send messages to other users throughout the world at random. There are no background checks and anyone can say they are any age, making this ideal for perverted criminals trying to solicit lewd images from underage kids.
    What first seemed like an innocent app outraged parents after they begun logging on as their 13-and-14-year-old kids; messages from older men and women asking for sexy pictures started flooding in immediately.



    SpyGuide is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a creepy little app that tells the user how to spy on the texts, emails, computers, and cell phone records of his or her filthy, cheating spouse. Although it doesn’t actually hack accounts for you and simply provides step-by-step instructions, this easily exploited app will have you breathing down your partner’s neck in no time. Who is Groupon? Who is it? Why do they keep inviting you on ‘special trips’?! I knew you were hiding something, you slut!


    StealthSMS Parental Control

    This is pretty similar to SpyGuide, only without the instructions and equipped with the spying. StealthSMS Parental Control can be stealthily installed on your “child’s” (see: boyfriend or girlfriend’s) phone so that all of your victim’s incoming and outgoing texts will be secretly forwarded to you. Now you can finally read the long-coveted relationships your loved one has with their texting-illiterate grandmother.

    Congratulations. Just be prepared with some sort of excuse when he or she grows suspicious of your seemingly psychic wealth of knowledge.


    Apple Maps

    Apple Maps is the worst thing to happen to the iPhone sinceā€¦ well, probably ever. Apple Maps is so terrible and dangerous that its inaccurate maps and even worse directions actually caused a number of people to get lost in an Australian national park. The victims were misdirected into the dangerous landscape, which has no sources of food or water and gets incredibly cold at night, by Apple Maps after searching for directions to the nearby town of Mildura. Police actually had to rescue some of those lost and reported at least four documented cases.

    Apple was forced to haphazardly create its own bootleg version of Google Maps after disputing with Google over voice-guided directions. The result was missing cities, a complete lack of public transit information, terrible traffic details, and most importantly: a great stinking heap of incorrect directions. If you’re looking for anything — from a friend’s house to a national landmark — stick with Google Maps unless you want to end up in a mysterious jungle fifty miles away from your destination.

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