9 Controversial Apps Pulled From the iTunes Store

    January 24, 2013 at 4:00 am

    Apple is no fun; they hate boobs, death, and generally everything fun. Here are 9 controversial apps that were quickly pulled from the iTunes store for violating the TOS.

    Exodus International


    Do you have The Gay? You could have cured yourself of that life-threatening disease, but Apple pulled the Exodus International app from the app store in 2011. Exodus International aimed at helping people “choose to honor God with their sexuality” or who have been affected negatively by the “homosexual attractions” of a loved one.

    The bigoted hate-mongering app was petitioned against by over 150,000 people and banned for its anti-gay viewpoints and because the idea that homosexuality can be “cured” is as archaic as is it wrong.


    Phone Story

    phone story

    Phone Story used simple graphics to create mini-games. The goal was to place a “life net” beneath suicide jumpers at the Apple factory to prevent their deaths, return them to the factory, and force them continue working to keep profits up. After 1,000 downloads, Steve Jobs frowned upon Phone Story and banned the app from the iTunes store, citing four TOS violations.

    Not to worry; Android has kept this little gem on the market. In the meantime, the creators of Phone Story have used the proceeds to donate $6,000 to Tian Yu, a 19-year-old girl who “suffered from serious injuries after trying to commit suicide by jumping from the Foxconn’s factory complex.”


    Smuggle Truck

    smuggle truck

    Smuggle immigrants across the border in Smuggle Truck, which has since turned into “Snuggle Truck” and replaced immigrants with snuggly teddy bears after Apple was, like, “no.”




    Pretend to snort fake lines of cocaine displayed on the screen of your iPhone. The app didn’t actually do anything except play a little video of lines of crushed up drugs being ‘snorted’ by a phantom nose, whether or not you were pantomiming along.



    Still available in the Android marketplace, iBoobs let you set the “stiffness, gravity factor, damping factor, boob weight, distance to the boobs,” and “physics speed” of a pair of digital breasts before shaking your phone to make them jiggle all over the damn place.


    Baby Shaker

    babyshake app

    Shake the drawing of the baby until two red X’s appear over its eyes and the crying noises finally stop. Practice makes perfect.

    DUI Checkpoints


    Love driving drunk? Sorry, a bunch of apps that alerted your wasted ass to the locations of DUI checkpoints so you could make a swerving detour around them have been pulled from the iTunes store. The United States Senate actually requested that these apps be banned because they were “harmful to public safety.”

    US Drone Strike Tracker


    This app sent users a push notification every time an airborne US military robot murdered a person or people in countries overseas. This app was a little too controversial honest for Apple, who pulled it from the iTunes store.


    Girls Around Me

    girls around app

    Pulled by the developer after backlash lauded it as a “rape app,” Girls Around Me was a creepy girl-tracking app that used Facebook to alert the user where girls were hanging out around them. People who didn’t care or were too stupid to set their privacy settings to not display their location publicly every time they “checked in” using Foursquare or Facebook would unknowingly be displayed on a map in Girls Around Me, complete with their user image and name.

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