Alex Jones Discredits Himself and That is Why I Hate Him

    January 22, 2013 at 4:30 am

    Alex Jones discredits himself and that is why I hate him: Alex Jones tries really, really hard to expose the often unpleasant truth about government cover-ups evil corporate agendas, and controversial political issues. Or does he?Despite being extremely educated, Alex Jones discredits himself with his crazy antics and volatile temper, lately more often than he’s able to make a valid point. Here are some of the ways in which Jones is working against his own cause:


    Nothing says “I’m a reliable source” like shouting your ideas at people until your big beefy face becomes the color of a dodgeball. Alex Jones discredits himself with too much screaming. Unless you’re yelling “Fire!” or “How did a bear get in here?! Run, there’s a bear!” No one wants to listen to you yell.

    Actually, that’s not true. When a crazy person is yelling on a street corner, I often stop to gawk; it’s entertaining. I don’t, however, usually believe the crazy guy’s story. He usually isn’t even saying real words. When he is, the words are usually about government coverups and conspiracies, or creative tapestries woven entirely from swear words. Sound familiar, Alex Jones? The only people who listen to the lunatic’s rantings are other lunatics and those enjoying the free entertainment.

    The “WE LIVE IN A POLICE STATE! YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS!” temper tantrum is counterproductive. Jones wouldn’t be so easy to write off as crazy if he didn’t maintain such a shitty attitude at all times.

  is Full of Speculation


    Alex Jones discredits himself with awful staff writers over at his site, It’s full of speculative, opinion-driven articles about everything from conspiracy theories to reptilian lizard-people. After the <a href=””>Aurora shooting</a>, the site was filled with news-less “news” articles by no-name staff writers claiming to “know” that it was a government setup because of hunches and “it just doesn’t add up,” as one genius explained. These posts are unmoderated and have no place in the world of journalism, a facts-only treehouse with a big “NO OPINIONS ALLOWED” sign hanging on its door.


    My BFF David Icke

    David Icke

    Alex Jones discredits himself by associating with lunatics like David Icke. Why does he have to say “Icke has a point up until the reptilian stuff?” Most people only know David Icke <i>because</i> of his absurd theories that half of the world’s politicians are secretly alien reptilian shapeshifter beings who are evilly trying to take over the world and harvest human organs for snack time. Most people don’t know about Icke’s examination of the unfair hierarchal structure of power in politics, from ‘royal’ families passing down positions of power from generation to generation to the forces that control the world using the almighty dollar.

    Recently, Icke came out with a theory that “the moon is hollow and something about moon-people living inside it and controlling the weather.” It came to him in a vision, the scientific term for which being “he made it up after smoking 20 joints in his underwear.”

    Nothing good is ever going to come from associating oneself with David Icke. He has zero credibility, regardless of any truths he put forth before or after the reptile stuff. If Hitler had said, “painting is very relaxing,” most people would decline to quote him on that today. There are other sources to draw from when discussing the relaxing nature of painting. If you did choose to quote Hitler, you would sound as if you were making an awful joke in poor taste. I’m looking at you, Alex Jones.




    Alex Jones discredits himself by being a government-owned reptilian shapeshifter. That is to say, I think he does it all on purpose. I think Alex Jones is receiving a secret salary from the US government and goes out of his way to seem possessed by the devil to most and appealing and relatable to the rest. And by “the rest” I mean the small percentage of Americans who mumble about Obama being Malcolm X’s space-father while smoking meth out of their tinfoil hats.

    Alex Jones eliminates the middle; sane people don’t want to identify with him and everyone knows that crazy people love him, so those who find truth in half of his statements are given the short end. Despite his deep and varied knowledge, Alex Jones is no longer a credible source because of his extremist views and erratic behavior. Quoting him doesn’t make a person sound reliable anymore; by sabotaging his own reputation, he brings down with him the thoughts and ideas of so many intelligent people who share some of his more valid viewpoints.

    It’s a great tactic to keep America in a Honey Boo Boo state of mind. The gray area is being eliminated. You’re either crazy or you’re not. Jones


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