Drinking For Free in NYC: It’s Really Possible

    January 9, 2013 at 4:00 am

    Everyone complains that drinking for free in NYC is impossible and drinks are sooo expensive. They’re doing it wrong. Here are 5 ways to drink for next to nothing in New York City, one of the priciest places in America.


    MyOpenBar.com and Other Sites


    Drink For Free, My Open Bar, and Free in NYC are a few of the more popular sites that direct you to deals and free booze in the city. My Open Bar tells you which bars have specials, so you can rush to inconvenient places at early times just to capitalize on free drink specials. Drink For Free is the same idea, while Free in NYC offers free food offers as well as doling out information about free activities in NYC for when you’re too hungover to down even one more free shot of free Georgi vodka.

    Other sites of interest include Booze Party and Drink Deal.


    Art Galleries

    art gallery drinking

    Art galleries usually have free alcohol. You probably won’t be able to pick and choose (it’s either a bucket of PBR or box wine for you, cheapy), but there is no limit on the amount of drinks you can have at a gallery’s open bar. Just don’t be a total scumbag; make sure you’re at least tipping your server.
    NY Art Beat, Art Slant and Art Cards contain listings of art openings in NYC. You can also just stroll up and down the streets of the Meat Packing District and wander into whatever galleries catch your eye to start drinking for free in NYC.


    promoter drinking for free in NYC

    The seedy world of party promoters is extremely beneficial to the free drinker. The free drinker and the party promoter form a symbiotic relationship; the promoter gets to boast extra people at his or her table while the free drinker gets to drink for free. Promoters are paid to bring in “cool” patrons to the establishment, feed them free alcohol, and in that way attract new and paying patrons to the overpriced bar. Therein lies the catch to this form of drinking for free in NYC.

    If you’re a girl, you’re already in. If you’re a guy, make sure you bring at least two girls with you to the promoter’s party to maximize your share of free alcohol and ensure admittance. The world is an unfair place, I know.

    There’s also This guy on Meetup.com who says “mature and beautiful party patrons” can come to his parties to drink for free. There are undoubtedly other promoters using Meetup.com to illicit more heads on their paycheck. All you have to do is look.


    You’re Not Going to Like This One

    phonebooth drinking for free in NYC
    When I was, like, 12 and both just beginning to roam freely around my neighborhood and learn about the effects of alcohol, I would do a really gross thing. I would run around with my friends from phone booth to phone booth, collecting the ass ends of drained beer and liquor bottles. And then I would drink them. Drinking for free in NYC starts young. The inch of sludgy booze leftover in every bottle would go right down into my gullet until my friends and I were heartily drunk and ready to return to my house for a night full of bad horror movies and Mario Kart 64.

    As an adult, it’ll probably take you way more time and effort to get drunk using this method. Don’t worry; there is no shortage of phone booths in NYC.


    Bring a Flask

    Flask drinking for free in NYC

    This isn’t exactly “free,” but it’s a whole lot cheaper than buying $10 mixed drinks at the bar. Invest in a flask and fill it with your favorite cheap liquor. Arrive at the bar and laugh at all your friends as they spend hundreds of dollars while you’re happily chugging your drink of choice in the bathroom, away from the prying eyes of the bartenders who do not take kindly to such a practice.



    UFO Drinking for free in NYC

    There you have it; the obvious answer. I won’t suggest stealing from Delis, as they are mom & pop shops and don’t need to suffer because you’re a cheap asshole. If you’re going to steal from a store, at least choose a place like K-Mart; they won’t miss that 40 of Old E, I promise. Does K-Mart even sell 40s? If so, there’s one on Astor Place and another on 34th. All you have to do is wear your old UFOs from your high school days, tie them real tight at the bottom, and slip a 40 or two down each leg. Then buy something small, like a candy bar, so no one suspects that a 30-year-old man in UFOs and clinking pant legs is trying to pilfer $6 worth of beer.

    Then again, you can always head to some local party and wait by the fridge to snatch up the beer placed within it. That beer isn’t for you, you’ll probably get kicked out and will definitely be an asshole even if you don’t. But you wanted to drink for free in NYC, didn’t you?



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