Top 5 Changes Now That Al-Jazeera Owns Al Gore’s TV Network

    January 3, 2013 at 6:34 am

    1. Al Gore’s TV network slogan changed from “programming without the distracting filter of entertainment” to the catchier “All Al, All the Time”

    2. Al Gore’s TV network will no longer struggle in comparison to FoxNews, as it is impossible to show “shocking” footage when one is excessively permissive

    3. Entire hour of daily footage on Al Gore’s Al-Jazeera owned TV network devoted to covering the rapid smothering of the entire region by sand dunes

    4. Audience for Al Gore’s Al-Jazeera owned TV network no longer impressed by threats of global warming, as they all have family in the Middle East

    5. Without his TV network, Al Gore becomes as utterly irrelevant as he was when he was Vice President

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