Just in Time for New Year’s Eve: A Gallery of 20 Large Champagne Fountains

    December 31, 2012 at 4:30 am

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    Just in time for New Year’s Eve: This gallery of 20 large champagne fountains illustrates a main pet peeve of ours: Small champagne fountains. Champagne fountains already possess only a fleeting moment of being interesting, with small champagne fountains you might as well pour the bottle on the floor and scream “wow, Earth gravity is the best!”
    At the risk of slipping into a rant, let us say that choosing a champagne fountain that is not large is like strapping on a parachute an trying to base jump off of the roof of a ranch-style home. Check out these awesomely large champagne fountains if you were thinking of skimping on the glassware:

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