6 Creepy Final Photos of Murder Victims

    December 12, 2012 at 11:17 am

    We did some forensic research, and found 6 creepy final photos of murder victims. The disturbing last moments of six murder victims caught on film:

    Regina Kay Walters


    Here is the last photograph — and probably last moments of — Regina Kay Walters, 14 at the time this picture was taken. The picture was taken by her murderer, Ben Rhoades, a trucker who regularly drove hundreds of miles up and down the east coast in his 18-wheeler. Rhoades, an ex-military man, constructed a torture chamber in the back of his truck and would victimize hitchhikers and other transient beings on the side of the highway.

    Rhoades would chain his victims to the wall of the truck, giving them a dirty mattress to sleep on and torturing them with a suitcase full of sordid tools that included an 18-inch dildo, a horse bridle, handcuffs, whips, leashes, and a variety of needles.

    Rhoades snapped this creepy photograph of Walters after kidnapping her and her boyfriend, Ricky Lee Jones, with whom she had run away from home. At an abandoned Illinois barn, Rhoades forced Walters to cut her hair and don the black dress and heels, pictured in this creepy photo.  Her body was never found.

    Rhoades was caught when a police officer, who was checking on his precariously shouldered truck on the side of the highway, saw a woman bound and gagged in the back of his truck. He had been torturing women and making them his murder victims for 15 years.


    He Xiuling Unjustly Executed

    In 2003, four Chinese women convicted of dealing drugs were put to death by execution squad after spending their last night painting their nails, playing poker and snacking.

    The crimes were nonviolent and their ages were relatively young, He Xiulung being the youngest at age 25. Despite the fact that Xiuling was a “simple girl” from the country who got wrapped up in the wrong crowd and used as a drug mule by her boyfriend, the Chinese justice system showed no mercy — even though Xiuling confessed to her crimes in hopes of receiving some sort of leniency.

    But because she was poor, she received the death penalty and was shot in the head in June of 2003. Before her conviction, Xiuling worked in a factory earning approximately $3.50 a day. Her boyfriend, who had originally enticed her with jewelry and gifts and who had given her the 15 pounds of heroin she was caught smuggling, fled the scene and was never caught. As you can see from this creepy final photo of the murder victim, China be messed up, yo!


    Todd Stoops

    Bob Berdella was a serial killer of young men, only caught because one of his planned murder victims escaped and was found running around a Kansas City neighborhood in a naked frenzy.

    Berdella would invite his murder victims, often male prostitutes, back to his house where he would attack them with a syringe full of drugs that would induce a blackout. He would then tie them up, photograph them in various positions, torture them, and keep a detailed diary of it all. He was ultimately found guilty of raping, torturing and killing at least six men between 1984 and 1987.

    Berdella would shock his victims’ genitals, pour Drano in their eyes, whip them, keep them fully drugged and therefore submissive as possible, and inject them with poison such as drain cleaner. While Chris Bryson, the 22-year-old who escaped, survived, 23-year-old Todd Stoops did not; he succumbed to his torturer after four months of excruciating abuse. In this photo, Stoops is being electrocuted with 7,700 volts.


    Reynaldo Dagsa Photographs his Murderer

    This is not a photo of the victim in this case, Reynaldo Dagsa, but equally disturbing. Dagsa was a politician in Manila in the Philippines until a man known as Fubo of Fish Pond Area 1 shot him in the arm and chest on New Year’s day, 2011. Fubo, real name Michael Gonzales, was enacting revenge for Dagsa’s arrest order against him a year earlier for stealing cars.

    While taking a picture of his family, Dagsa inadvertently captured his killer in the frame, seen aiming his gun only a second or two before opening fire and killing Dagsa on the spot.


    Judith Dull and Shirley Ann Bridgeford

    Harvey Glatman was known as the Lonely Hearts Killer,  and executed his crimes in and around LA during the 1950s when he posed as a professional photographer and bachelor looking for love. Glatman killed Judith Dull (left), 19, after booking a fake modeling gig with her at his house. He raped and murdered Shirley Ann Bridgeford (right), 24, after meeting her through The Lonely Hearts Club dating service and taking her “for a drive” to the remote countryside where he forced her to undress before strangling her to death.

    As a child, Glatman’s family doctor told his parents that he would “grow out of” his sadomasochistic tendencies, which included choking himself with ropes at the age of 12 and molesting women as a teenager. Despite multiple arrests for molestation and muggings and a diagnosis as a psychopath, Glatman was paroled for his exceptionally good behavior while in prison. He eventually moved to LA, where his career as a fake photographer took off. He made three women murder victims and was caught trying to kill a third when he was arrested and willingly confessed, leading to his execution by gas chamber in 1959.

    1. rachana13 says:

      Maybe you read it wrong, or something.

      Rhodes didn’t make the girl cut her hair. He cut his victims hair and shaved their pubic hair as well, that was his signature.

      And, Regina’s body was found months after her death.
      It was the boyfriend who was not found.
      But, it turned out that they did find Ricky’s body, they just didn’t know it.
      He was located in March1991 in Mississippi.
      But, he was wasn’t identified until 2008.

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