25 Pictures of Amazing Human Pretzels

    December 6, 2012 at 4:00 am

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    These 25 pictures of amazing human pretzels illustrate pretzel logic. On one end of the spectrum, a human that eats nothing but pretzels will grow to ginormous sizes. On the other end, humans have the ability to stretch their bodies in mind boggling, libido altering ways.

    The fact is the human body is an amazing instrument.  But without proper stretching, or years of yoga practice in hot steamy rooms with girl to guy ratios of 7 to 1, none of these amazing human pretzel activities are safe.  Don’t try them.  Hang out, eat pretzels, do something else.  On second thought, hot steamy rooms with high girl to guy ratios should always be encouraged. Enjoy this gallery of amazing human pretzels:

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