French Politicians Play Online Poker During Debates

    December 3, 2012 at 4:13 am

    French Politicians Play Online Poker

    Whilst many of us might be tempted to indulge in a spot of online poker in an order to relieve boredom whilst at work, doing do has cause controversy in France, where members of the National Assembly were caught raising the stakes whilst sat in the Chamber – and not in terms of their debating strategies.

    These days, it is easier than ever to enjoy a quick game of poker via your laptop or tablet device from wherever you happen to be. However, many feel that placing bets at online sites such as is something which the French députés should have done in their spare time, rather than during debates whilst sat in the French political Chamber. Ministers were also caught using the French parliamentary wifi to read adult cartoons and shop for everything from clothes to fine wines, according to British newspaper, The Telegraph.

    Whilst most politicians might not be known for their poker prowess, it appears that a fair few of them do enjoy playing this particular card game using their tablet devices. Former speaker Jean-Louis Debré had previously installed the option to scramble wifi signals inside the Chamber, but the current speaker Claude Bartolone has reportedly taken a more relaxed stance on the matter, hoping that the ability to research recent registration might prove beneficial within debates. However, the revelation that some are actually using their ability to access the internet to get involved in the action at online poker tables could well spark a ban on using such devices within the Chamber.

    The politicians’ poker-playing habits were exposed after journalists in the Assembly’s balcony photographed them from about, revealing the websites being accessed via iPads and other such devices. Poker, in particular, is known for demanding much focus and attentions, sparking fears that the political representatives would be distracted from the debates taking place around them.

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