25 Pictures of Insanely Elegant Bathrooms

    December 3, 2012 at 7:20 pm

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    These 25 pictures of insanely elegant bathrooms represent convenience at its finest. The mere presence of linoleum can make a bathroom a desolate and uninviting place. In ancient times doing one’s business consisted of pooping into a rock and hoping for the best.  It was not until the ancient Romans, that bath rooming began to be taken seriously.

    They designed entire bath houses to be as elegant as possible in order to do their business in front of and with each other.  Today, rivers, meteorite, and couches are essential musts in cutting edge modern bathroom design. These bathrooms are so elegant, they make using them a spiritual revival.  After seeing these bathrooms, you may want to find some insanely rich person and make them an offer to move into their bathroom.


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